Simone Erchov

Simone Erchov holds a Doctoral Degree in Human Factors and Applied Cognition from George Mason University.  Her primary research focus has been on measurement development, experimental design alternatives, and applications of trust across multiple domains.  Beyond this basic research content, Ms. Erchov has managed and assisted on multiple grant-funded research projects as well as consulted in the community on several aspects of Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF/E).  This work includes the assessment of the impact of psychological stress on performance (Army), methods to assess and improve decision-making in intelligence forecasting (IARPA), the influence of simulated training on marksmanship performance (ONR, Marine Corps), and the examination of system-level factors that can improve patient safety (Children's National Medical Center).  In addition to basic and applied research work, Ms. Erchov continues to support education efforts to the general relevance and understanding of HF/E content and scientific research methods/data analysis.  She regularly guest lectures for the Masters of Public Health program at George Mason University on the role of Human Factors in patient safety and medicine.  She also maintains an adjunct position at both George Mason University and Northern Virginia Community College instructing undergraduates in Global & Community Health and Psychology on statistics and their relevance as applied to research design.