Susan Jeffries

Susan joined Humanproof in August 2017 to develop partnerships with industry to evolve and deploy leading edge safety practices. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Boston College. Combining over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing with 8 years in behavioral safety research, she connects business professionals with our team of experts, creating opportunities to realize their corporate goals through deeper understanding of human factors. Her passion lies in user-centered qualitative research, as she believes that the greatest “gems” of insight come from those who are closest to the work, product or topic of interest.

Susan works with a special team of scientists whose expertise is in safety research, where they conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups and observations to study workplace safety from a socio-technical systems approach.  She helps companies in their efforts to improve their own safety environment, by introducing them to the concept of Safety Climate, which is the employees’ shared perception of a company’s true priority of safety.  Once an organization is ready to take safety to the next level, Susan leads the path to exploration, enlightenment and enhancements with our menu of safety consulting services.