Keith Garvey

Keith Garvey provides services for various government clients seeking expertise in Human Systems Integration (HSI), Human Factors Engineering, requirements definition & analysis, test & evaluation, system and product design. His experience spans a diverse range of disciplines and includes such specialties as Manpower, Personnel, Training, Education, Human Factors, Workforce Development.



  1. For the U.S. Navy NextGen Aircraft Carrier CVN 21, now the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78), Keith served as the Integrated Warfare System (IWS) HSI Integrated Product Team (IPT) Lead. He led and participated in numerous system engineering, system modeling and space design efforts to identify Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) requirements under the challenge of a required 25% reduction in Manpower. Keith also provided inputs into the Preliminary Ship’s Manning Document and drafted the HSI Plan for the project providing in-depth analysis and collaboration with stakeholders.

    Provided Manpower, Personnel, Training, Human Factors, and Space design support for the Carrier Tactical Support Center (CV-TSC) Tactically Integrated Sensors (AN-SQQ-34C). Designed and conducted usability testing for AN-SQQ-34C with design and fleet personnel.  Assisted in the production of the Navy Training Systems Plan (NTSP).

    Served as lead Human Systems Integration Analyst for the Surface Ship Torpedo Defense (SSTD) program in support of PMS 415. The SSTD was made up of a family of systems (FOS) that included the Counter Measure Anti-Torpedo (CAT), Torpedo Warning System (TWS), and Ready Support Group R SG). The system was designed to provide Aircraft Carriers and Navy Logistic Ships a torpedo defense capability.  In addition, drafted all associated MPT documentation to including the Training Project Plan (TPP),  the Training Planning Process Methodology (TRPPM), TWS and CAT NTSPs, the Preliminary Manpower Estimate Report, and assisted in the production of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP).

    Performed as a Senior MPT Analyst in support of the Chief of Naval Personnel’s (N11) vision of a Competency Based Workforce. 

    Homeland Security

  1. Developed and provided six training sessions for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Michigan State Police personnel for the Northern Border Integration Demonstration (NBID) on computer based applications designed to fuse data from all DHS organizations as well as national assets into a single operational picture.