Keith Walker

Keith Walker is a former twenty year U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer  (shipboard engineering specialty) who provides services for various government clients seeking expertise in Human Systems Integration (HSI) Manpower, Personnel, and Training domains, curriculum and courseware development, job duty task analysis, workload and manpower requirements calculations, training needs analysis and assessments,  training requirements development,  training sustainment needs analysis, and Navy Training Systems Plan (NTSP) development.  



Conducted high level task analysis to determine Combat Systems Department operational manpower for the US Navy Fast Frigate shipbuilding program.
Developed training courseware to teach the Engineering Plant Technician (EPT) shipboard operations, maintenance, and casualties for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Freedom and Independence ship class variants.  

Interpreted technical data and work in conjunction with instructional system designers, 3D modelers, and multi-media specialists to develop accurate and effective computer based training in a fully immersed 3D game environment.

Acted as engineering controls lead as part of the HSI team for the Guided Missile Destroyer (DDG) 1000 Zumwalt Class ship acquisition program, developing software requirements, completing detailed task analysis for engineering watch standers, conducting usability assessments, and determining manpower and workload requirements for the engineering department.

Analyzed CVN 68 Combat System/Operations/Navigation Departments Officer manpower requirements and conducted workload and manpower analysis for the CVN 21 (Future Carrier), now the USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) Integrated Warfare System.  His analysis resulted in CVN 78 aircraft carrier officer reduction based on watch stations, principle duties, and divisions assigned.

Conducted training analysis and developed NTSPs as part of various efforts, including the US Navy Seal Shallow Water Combat Submersible and  US Navy shipboard Controllable Reversible Pitch Propeller. Completed an ashore Top Down Functional Analysis (TDFA) for the LCS Surface Warfare package. Developed a scenario, collected functions and tasks related to ashore maintenance, distance support, shore infrastructure support, module loading, ammunition loading, and 30-mm gun change out, and then analyzed the functions and tasks for high drivers, human/machine roles, and manpower impacts.