Tony Shelvis

Tony Shelvis has served in the defense of our country as an active duty officer in the U. S. Navy for 10 years and in the defense industry for over 37 years.  His specialties include business development, capture management, proposal management, program management, combat systems integration, and acquisition.  For over 37 years he was a line manager and business development leader in nine companies.  Education:  MBA, Southern Illinois University, 1976; BA - Economics, Indiana University, 1965.

For over 28 years he was responsible for technical, contractual, and cost performance on contracts supporting the U. S. Navy.  Customers included:  Planning & Engineering for  Repair and Alteration (PERA) for Combatant Support Ships, Amphibious Support Ships and Cruiser/Destroyer Ships supporting Navy ship overhaul planning and execution; CNO (OP 43) supporting ships in overhaul decrewing studies;  NAVSEA (SEA 07D) supporting Government provided ship overhaul schedules; NAVSEA PMS 399 supporting FFG 7 Post Shakedown Availability repair packages;  NAVSEA 911 supporting Advanced Planning Letters and SHIPALT Authorization Letters; COMSUBLANT supporting SHIPALT Kitting (TYKIT) program; NAVSEA 9051/CEL MS1 supporting Logistics; SEA 61Y supporting the CV ASW MINI-Mod program; Intermarine USA supporting MHC 51 test and trials program; Several contacts with PMS 400B and with Lockheed Martin supporting the AEGIS Program for combat system test and integration.  A highlight in this period was a Lockheed Martin Ship Integration contract in which his company, Anteon, achieved its first in history Award Fee Score of 100. During this period he also had collateral Business Development responsibilities and successfully increased the business base, identified new targets, and led the capture process and proposal process that resulted in the award of contracts for new business and new customers. He advanced through line management positions including Vice President in two companies.  

For over the next 9 years he was primarily responsible for Strategic Planning and Business Development in BAE Systems and Sayres and Associates.  For the Stafford/Quantico operations in BAE Systems, he developed the Strategic Plan and led the Capture and Proposal processes for delivery of proposals for new work with new customers.  He was responsible for long-term positioning and capture for opportunities related to U. S. Navy Maritime Programs and the Marine Corps.  He collaborated with operations managers in developing strategies to minimize risk and increase the probability of win. He conducted customer visits and performed research to understand current and emerging customer needs and requirements.  He developed and executed strategic plans for successful pursuit of key opportunities.   Contracts awarded nearly doubled the Stafford operations in less than three years.  In collaboration with Dr. Robert Howells established the BAE Systems Human Systems Integration (HSI) Consortium.  For Sayres and Associates, he developed strategic and tactical plans and led the capture and proposal processes for delivery of proposals for 5 key opportunities within eight months.  After a short retirement, he accepted the Director, Business Development position in Humanproof and is working collaboratively with the staff in the updating the strategic and business development plans, identifying new markets and opportunities, and leading the capture and proposal processes.