Humanproof Partners with Leading Trucking Company on Safety-Awareness Campaign

Arlington, VA – August 2017 – Humanproof, a human factors and engineering firm based in Arlington, Va., has partnered with Springfield, Mo.-based TransLand, a recognized leader in safety in the U.S., on a pilot program to promote safety within the trucking industry.

Set to launch in August 2017, the program will target trucking companies with a shared interest in safety and will provide scientifically-based and actionable recommendations. The pilot will introduce a leading-edge assessment tool called the “safety climate scale.” 

Safety climate measures how a company’s employees perceive management’s true commitment to safety. That commitment goes beyond formal policies and includes such practices as incorporating safety into performance metrics and empowering employees to make decisions that put safety ahead of efficiency and productivity. It involves engagement from all levels from the top down, including front-line supervisors.

“Safety climate research is far more advanced than what companies are doing now,” said Eugene St.Clair, Humanproof’s CEO. “It’s a way for companies to actually measure their current level of safety. It helps in understanding how safety is addressed and what companies can do to improve it. This research can make a real impact on safety in the trucking industry, and we are very excited to be a part of it.” 

Safety climate reliably reflects the level of employee engagement and is a leading indicator for predicting future safety incidents. A trucking company with a high score on safety climate tends to have high employee morale and low staff turnover. A high safety climate means all managers insist upon safe driving behaviors, like giving truck drivers the ability to avoid dangerous road and weather conditions in favor of alternate routes in order to make safer deliveries, even if it results in occasional delays.

For trucking companies, that higher score also means less time and money spent on recruitment, training, vehicle maintenance and workers compensation claims. 

“Industry data indicate that these companies are spending upwards of $40B annually on safety-related incidents while at the same time, the majority of CFOs polled estimate the return on investing in safety and prevention could be between 200 and 400 percent,” said St. Clair. “We believe with a low-cost/high-value tool like the safety climate scale, we can provide a staggering ROI for these companies when it comes to addressing safety.” 

Recognizing TransLand’s dedication to safety and Humanproof’s desire to bring world-leading safety research to the trucking industry, the partnership seemed the perfect opportunity to craft an affordable and effective solution for the rest of the trucking industry. 
Humanproof has assembled a team of experts who have spent decades studying industrial safety and have developed a safety climate scale specifically for the trucking industry. The researchers will perform a safety climate assessment of TransLand and use the results to promote the benefits of safety climate data in trucking.

The team includes some of the world’s leading safety research scientists and Dov Zohar, Ph.D., the creator of the original safety climate scale. 

“Safety is the number one priority at TransLand,” said Mark Walker, the company’s president and CEO. “Connecting with the experts at Humanproof and latest research will give TransLand an edge to keep our drivers safe and, most importantly, coming home to their families.”

To figure out how safe their competitors are, trucking companies have long used data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration program known as Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA). Yet those CSA ratings only capture a trucking company’s past safety. Safety climate scores can predict a company’s future, and assess its present, safety.

“Safety climate speaks to the culture of the industry itself,” said St.Clair, “how companies measure and manage safety, and how safety impacts a company’s recruiting, profitability, and sustainability.”


About Humanproof
Humanproof is a Virginia-based human performance company that focuses on ensuring the highest possible level of worker safety through industry-leading expertise in safety, training, human factors, and ergonomics.

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About TransLand
TransLand is a transportation company based in Springfield, Missouri that specializes in full truckload and logistics services.  We offer long-haul, short-haul and flatbed truck services throughout the continental United States.  We celebrated 35 years of service in January 2017 and are proud to have been named the Springfield Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year in 1992.

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