We wish to become the most versatile, result-driven, efficient, and cost-effective human factors firm in the world.

Humanproof Mission: To make the world a better and safer place to live and work, by providing unmatched Human Systems Integration products, services, processes, and customer satisfaction.

The standards we have established to fulfill our mission and vision.  Everyone from top-down is held accountable for reflecting these standards with co-workers, subordinates, suppliers, and customers.

Excellence: Using one’s talents and abilities to foster creativity and innovation

  • Strives to get it right the first time
  • Doesn’t settle for less than one’s very best effort
  • Seeks to exceed customer expectations
  • Actively looks for ways to add value
  • Shows persistence in completing assignments
  • Carries out assignment with enthusiasm and dedication
  • Strives to understand customer needs, and ways to deliver high quality products and services

Learning: Developing one’s full potential

  • Continuously seeks opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally
  • Actively seeks input from others on ways to improve
  • Confronts self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, and looks for ways to move beyond these
  • Works diligently to broaden subject matter expertise, and ways to communicate and share this expertise more effectively

Empowerment:  Taking initiative without regard to position or organizational level

  • Seeks to remove barriers to open communication
  • Challenges the status quo and suggests ways to do things better, even if these are unpopular
  • Is assertive and confident in making suggestions, but is also open to divergent views
  • Refuses to accept unacceptable behavior
  • Is flexible during changes in circumstances

Ownership: Acting like a stakeholder

  • Champions the company’s mission, vision, and values
  • Demonstrates a commitment to company success
  • Volunteers to help regardless of the task
  • Expresses pride in being associated with the company
  • Protects the company’s reputation by consistently exercising sound judgment
  • Honors company confidential and proprietary information

Honesty: Telling the truth and taking responsibility for one’s actions

  • Dependably honors commitments and deadlines
  • Seeks the truth and exhibits courage in stating it
  • Is forthright and direct with others
  • Accepts responsibility for decision and actions
  • Admits mistakes and seeks feedback on ways to improve

Fairness: Emphasizing mutual interests over self-interest

  • Strives to protect the best interests of others
  • Holds everyone accountable to the same standards
  • Avoids blame shifting and one-upmanship
  • Challenges behaviors reflecting favoritism
  • Gives credit where it’s due
  • Is humble and grateful, rather than arrogant and entitled

Community:  Encouraging teamwork, participation, and collaboration

  • Creates healthy competition, where the focus is on fostering creativity, and helping others learn and grow
  • Treats others with dignity, respect, and compassion
  • Takes a personal interest in others
  • Actively seeks opportunities to serve others
  • Encourages others when faced with adversity
  • Maintains a positive attitude and expects the same from others

Inclusiveness: Prizing individual differences

  • Shows respect toward everyone, regardless of background and demographic differences
  • Accepts others as individuals
  • Strives to overcome biases and stereotypes
  • Makes everyone feel welcome and important