Humanproof is the only company constructed at its core on the principles of Human Systems Integration or HSI, which is the science of building effective and efficient interfaces between people, technology, and the context within which they function. Another way of stating this is HSI seeks to maximize socio-technical systems, by perfecting performance and efficiency while reducing or eliminating errors and injuries. This includes two major areas of focus, technical and managerial. As a technical strategy, we utilize all HSI domains to ensure that human performance issues are addressed early, effectively, and systematically; as a management strategy, we leverage HSI to ensure that the organizational context within which people work fully coordinates and supports efforts to achieve stellar results, while identifying and addressing any adverse impact on the external environment.

To implement these strategies Humanproof uses a system approach and state-of-the art methods and tools to identify the interrelationships that must harmonize seamlessly to increase quality results while lowering costs. Our staff of subject matter experts, representing a variety of scientific disciplines, possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate HSI technical and management strategies from concept development to product or service fulfillment across all levels, from the most complex to the very detailed.

Stated succinctly, our mission is to help you achieve your mission.You may be trying to build a new product, reduce injuries, or provide a valuable service to a specific market. If these goals involve assembling or designing a product, collaborative efforts among people, working on face-to-face or virtual teams, or seeking organizational transformation, we can help you achieve success. By focusing on the user’s experience of product design and human performance at all levels of complexity means that everybody wins.  

Socio-Technical Complexity Levels

  Defense & Homeland Security Government Commerical Healthcare Energy Manufacturing  Transportation
Very highly complex organizations US Navy US Congress Walmart, Inc National Health System US Department of Energy General Motors National Airspace System
Highly complex organizations Naval Station Norfolk Senate Walmart Superstore Hospital Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chevrolet Division FAA
Complex organizations Aircraft carrier State senate office Automotive department Emergency department Nuclear Power Plant Chevrolet dealership Terminal Radar Approach Control
Major technological systems Bridge Telecom network Security system MRI machine Control room Chevrolet Camaro Air Route Traffic Control Center
Critical technological sub-systems Bridge control console Classified information storage system Inventory control Display monitor Control/display Drive-train Air Traffic Control console
Devices and system parts Depth finder Secure telephone Cash register Catheter Feed water pump Anti-lock breaks Computer screen

Our diverse clients already know the extraordinary benefits of this type of focus. When we started as Arlington, Virginia-based Intuitive Design Solutions in 2012, word spread quickly that we were building a different type of company. After defining and circulating our mission, vision and values, future teammates and clients alike began to see that we were on the way to making our renamed and rapidly expanding company, Humanproof, THE employer of choice. We strive to make ourselves more cost-effective, and to save you money while delivering exemplary programs and services

We want to change the world and that means first and foremost bringing unprecedented value to each and every customer.