Concept Development

What is Concept Development?

The best advice you can ever get is to “start with the end in mind.” This is a fundamental aspect of systems thinking, which identifies desired results (outputs) before deciding what inputs and processes to use.  If what you do involves humans you plan for success but also for surprise!  Nowhere is this more crucial than in Concept Development.

Concept Development is a process of identifying the best solution, from both technical and management perspectives, to achieve significant advances in future operations. It’s a way to think about the future before spending, and potentially wasting, money.

Concept Development gives new ideas a chance to be examined through a logical process from the outset. It’s not necessary to set any boundaries on ideas considered during the Concept Development process, although some intuitively sound ones can often be put into practice quickly. Typically, however, promising ideas with broad scope and high risk are examined through a more structured process. 

Developing and identifying future-oriented concepts allows one to:

  • Test their validity/feasibility,
  • Take advantage of studies, research, lessons learned, and
  • Save resources and avoid costly duplication of effort.
  • Increase product usability

In this way the potential impacts on interoperability and increased capabilities by emerging concepts can be captured and exploited.

What Makes Humanproof Concept Development Different?

At Humanproof we take the human component into account during initial Concept Development. This means your product will face minimum redesigns and that user acceptance and adoption can be gained more readily.  By planning for success from the beginning, and anticipating many common hurdles, we expedite development and keep you on schedule and on budget from Day 1 through launch. 

Let us assist you in Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development, initial requirements definition, strategic planning, and turning your vision into reality. Through facilitation, rapid prototyping, and identifying HSI concerns early, we ensure that your concepts are robust, complete, and accurately communicate your vision to all program stakeholders. 

To be successful from the start, begin with Humanproof!