Have you ever wished something was Humanproof? So have your customers. Give them what they want. Whether it’s a website, software application, hardware device, or brand new aircraft, the folks at Humanproof apply over 100 years of experience in interface design, human factors, UX/UI, usability, industrial engineering, and Human Systems Integration expertise to the solution. From concept development, through requirements definition, prototyping and testing, and complete lifecycle support, Humanproof augments your acquisition or in-house development process. Our unrelenting focus on human performance and user satisfaction ensures your product or process will not only be adopted and used, it will improve the entire user experience and set your organization apart as one who truly cares for their customers. 

Build it Humanproof.

There are so many parts to the user experience of any given product, how do you decide which ones to focus on? You don’t. We look at them all. Our staff have advanced degrees in engineering, ergonomics, psychology, human factors, industrial design, and systems engineering. From the very beginning of your product concept through complete refinement based on user feedback, Humanproof examines the details of concept, requirements, and design by:

  • Functional and Task Analysis
  • Storyboarding, Focus Groups
  • Prototyping and Usability Testing
  • Trade-off Analyses