Each year, workers in the manufacturing industry suffer serious injuries resulting in lost work, disability, and even death. These serious injuries are costly and affect your industrial insurance premiums. If your company has a higher than average number of injuries (claims), your “experience rating” could increase by as much as 25% in one year. Stated another way, if you had 20 full-time employees and had an average number of injuries (claims) you would pay about $29,000 in premiums in 2006. However if your experience rating increased by 25% due to higher than average injuries, you would pay an additional $6,400 in premiums. (Reference)

Humanproof can reduce worker injury, insurance premiums, and staff turnover. The result? Happier employees and more profitable operations. The staff at Humanproof are trained to identify hazardous processes, attitudes, and workplace cultures and provide solutions that pay for themselves.

By systematically examining a given manufacturing process and workplace environment, the staff at Humanproof identify:

  • Repetitive motions or body postures that may result in Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Worker attitudes regarding safety equipment and protection devices
  • Material handling requirements (Lifting and Twisting) that may result in injury
  • Inspection tasks prone to error due to lighting, noise, and distraction.
  • Worker fatigue and impacts of shiftwork on product quality