Services and Programs

Applying the principles and methodology of Human Systems Integration across all its Services and Programs, Humanproof specializes in providing technical expertise in the areas of Human Factors, Human Performance Risks, and Human Error Prevention.  We also provide managerial expertise to guide organizations as they seek to define their mission, vision, and values and embed them in such crucial processes as recruitment, hiring, new employee orientation, training, defining promotional criteria, providing day-to-day supervision, conducting performance evaluations, decision-making, and strategic planning.  The result is an integrated, consistent approach to technical development, as well as communication, management, human resources, customer service, and supplier relations.  We believe this is the most effective way to increase productivity and morale, lower costs, solve problems, and build a first-rate work environment that not only attracts but retains the most talented performers.


  • Reports (Preliminary Design Reports, Manpower Mix Analysis, Models, Mockups, and Simulations)
  • Design Recommendations
  • Books
  • Plans (Human Engineering Program Plan, Human Systems Integration Program Plan, Test Plans)
  • Protocols
  • Studies & Analyses (all HSI domains)
  • Drawings
  • Proposal Materials
  • Tools
  • Manuals (Electronic and Conventional)
  • Simulations, Mock-ups, Prototypes
  • Facility Security Products (CLIPS)
  • Safety Programs & Products
  • Videos (Technical & Forensic)
  • Consumer Products

Requirements Documents:

  • Operational Requirements Documents (ORD)/ Functional Requirements Documents (FRD)
  • Testing & Evaluation