Set-Based Design

Set Based Design : The ultimate design paradigm.

Traditionally, system design was considered an optimization problem. A team would have to determine the best design given a set of parameters. In this traditional paradigm, designs flowed from first principles, constrained by solving the hardest problems first, and costly design decisions were made early in the process. This method severely limits the trade-space when the situation invariably changes. These early decisions mean that valid alternatives are likely eliminated prematurely. If these other alternatives ultimately become desirable, a significant rework of the design now becomes necessary.

In today's environment of constantly evolving threats, rapid technological developments, and resources more tightly constrained than ever, a new design paradigm is required. This is necessary to avoid these costs and retain the most accomodating design.

Set Based design is the solution.

Leading experts now agree that traditional processes will no longer satisfy the needs of complex system development and large-scale acquisition processes. More and more experts now believe that we should no longer design to static specifications because the threat environment and resulting needs are changing so quickly. In this new environment, the best design is not necessarily the one optimized given specific requirements, but the design that is the most accomodating in an environment of constant change. Using Set Based Design, engineers can now completely eliminate the early use of design margins, develop and design to evolving specifications, and keep additional, viable options on the table longer. This new paradigm ultimately creates an incredibly robust and accomodating design more quickly and with reduced overall costs.

Specific Benefits Include:

  • Decreased development cost
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced manning
  • Built-in risk management

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