At Humanproof, our passion is to provide you with powerful and effective designs built using processes that save you and your customers time and money. 

Our expertise, advanced tools, and techniques enable faster development, fewer redesigns, better product, and more satisfied customers.

To maintain your edge in today's competitive environment, your products must provide superior user experience. At Humanproof, we engage decades of experience in a wide variety of domains and markets to support you throughout the entire product design lifecycle. Our experts use state-of-the-art techniques to facilitate effective data gathering, innovative and rapid concept development, efficient evaluation, and quick turnaround for final designs.

No matter what stage of development, we can help. Our team will work with you to determine the best methods with which to quickly identify design recommendations that improve user satisfaction and take product performance to another level.

We endeavor to make your products the best they can be. That is why our experts strive to provide high-quality, customized solutions to ensure that your design and testing results exceed expectations. Our goal is to provide your stakeholders with the valuable insight needed to make critical design decisions that enhance your product.

Remember, it's not finished until it's Humanproof!

The Humanproof Advantage…

The confidence your product will be well received. We want you to have that confidence, supported by hard data and first-hand observation of users performing real-world tasks using your system. The breadth and depth of our unique expertise allows us to quickly identify your needs, conduct the highest quality test and evaluation services, and provide a complete report and assessment back to your team in the most efficient manner possible.

During testing, we enlist various well-established techniques, including Cognitive Walkthroughs, Knowledge Elicitation, and Think-Aloud Protocols tailored to extract every bit of usable information from users. By pairing these “tried-and-true” methods with our state-of-the-art usability testing software, video capture and eye-tracking capabilities, and innovative portable usability lab, we provide a responsive, flexible, and comprehensive solution to your testing and evaluation needs.

At Humanproof, we aren’t just expert practitioners; we are tireless innovators never satisfied with settling for the status quo. We will bring you services you simply will not find anywhere else. For example, our patented Decision-Oriented Systems Engineering (DOSE) methodology.

We want yours to be the best product possible, so we strive to relentlessly advocate for the end user. We are defined by the constant desire to go above and beyond the needs of our customers. Confident design, 100% user acceptance and adoption, error free operation, and built to last. Can you afford anything less?


Begin with the end in mind and start with Humanproof.

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