Process Support

To support specific contract objectives and ensure project success, Humanproof subject matter experts are available to provide a variety of Process Support services, which are described below:

Process Support for Individuals

Executive Coaching

There are times when a leader on manager wants the opportunity to discuss issues, concerns, and opportunities in confidence with an objective, outside consultant.  Humanproof has extensive experience in providing executive coaching services, and is available to provide them upon request.

 Coaching and Counseling Difficult Employees 

It only takes one difficult or argumentative employee to jeopardize the success of a project, distract others from completing important tasks, or cause resentment among team members.  There are times when an issue of this kind can be handled in-house; at other times it can be handled by a more objective person outside the organization.  Humanproof has the capability to work with difficult individuals, identify issues, and bring them to resolution.  

Process Support for Interpersonal Relationships and Teams

Conflict Resolution

Sometimes disagreement or hostility between co-workers interferes with their ability to work together effectively.  When they’re unable or unwilling to resolve issues on their own, using an objective facilitator can often help them bring disagreements into the open and work toward building a more cooperative working relationship. Humanproof has extensive experience in facilitating such discussions, and helping people work together in a manner that supports the achievement of team and organizational goals.

Similarly, teams can become polarized into camps, or have so much dissention that members are unable to work together effectively.  Humanproof has assessment tools and instruments that can be used to identify the causes of team dissention, and facilitation skills that allow team member to resolve issues and develop greater cohesiveness.

Building Team Synergy

There’s research evidence showing that teams working together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration can outperform individuals working in isolation. This is often referred to as synergy. Certain conditions are required to establish and maintain synergy. Through assessment instruments and facilitation processes, Humanproof can help teams develop greater synergy so they can produce better results—and have fun while doing it. 

Process Support for Organizations

Identifying and Overcoming Resistance to Organizational Change

There’s considerable research evidence indication that resistance is a major factor in the failure of many organizational change initiatives.  Often the causes of resistance are difficult to identify and overcome.  Humanproof has instruments that help identify the cause(s) of resistance to change, and facilitation processes that help leaders and managers overcome resistance and build commitment to change.

Establishing or Changing Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, vision, and values define why an organization exists (mission), what it hopes to achieve in the future (vision), and the principles that will be used to achieve the mission and vision (values and behavioral norms and expectations.  Even if these important organizational attributes have been established in the part, it’s important to review and update them periodically, to ensure that they are in alignment with current business realities.  Humanproof has expertise in facilitating discussions to establish or change organizational mission, vision, values and norms.  It also has processes and procedures for working with internal departments to embed values, norms, and practices into management systems, such as hiring, orientation, training, day-to-day supervision, performance evaluations, promotional decisions, and succession planning.